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  • Patras is painted – The 7th mural of Artwalk 3 has started!

    Something from mythology The 7th mural started from the 3rd International Street Art Festival Patras! A new work is slowly “coming to life”. For the fourth day, the empty hazy wall of the Region of Western Greece is changed by #fikos. “There are two ways to fight. One is law, the other is violence. The…

  • Patras: The wooden bridge in Ities…fell

    The dangerous wooden bridge that existed in Ities of Patras was demolished and which was ready for collapse and was not used. of the bridge will be given to cultural associations in the area that have asked to use them as they think, while there will be no replacement of the bridge by another new…

  • Crane carries precision transport in the center of Patras – Over 20 meters the height of its boom

    There are some installations, at least impressive. A huge crane that was over 20 meters high was called to lift a load, on the floor of a building at the junction of Ag. Andreou with Kolokotroni. The transfer required surgical precision in the movements. . It is worth mentioning that the telescopic – hydraulic boom…

  • Patras: “Dangerous missions” in the port – Repairs on a ship, at a height of 20 meters

    With special crane and basket truck. These are some works that have a very beautiful view. But they are also quite dangerous. On Monday morning, a crew was repairing a ship on the Patras Italy route and more specifically on its bridge. At least 20 meters above sea level! With a special crane and in…

  • The dilapidated bell tower of the church of Kourouklata was taken down

    Two huge cranes of the company “Chrysanthopoulos” from Patras, suddenly appeared yesterday morning in the courtyard of the church of Panagia Damaskini in Kourouklata, with the aim of “lowering” the dome of the bell tower, which was hit by the earthquakes of 2014 and had Their “trademark” is internationally. In the whole “operation”, which is…

  • The “end” of the floating platform

    The era of the floating “breakwater” in the port of Frika ended today. After a difficult three-day effort, his four pieces “rest in peace” in the canal of Kana, in the gorge above the school. In order to complete the transfer, yards were demolished, PPC and OTE columns were transferred and the road was closed…

  • The restoration of the temple of Zeus in Olympia is impressive

    The restoration of the temple of Zeus in Olympia is underway by the German Archaeological Institute The second phase of the restoration of the temple of Zeus in Olympia has been successfully completed by the German Archaeological Institute. The temple of Zeus at Olympia housed the large cult statue of Zeus, one of the seven…

  • Patras Carnival

    Carnival King: bath in the morning, burlot in the evening Source: paradisosfilm.wordpress.com

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