Many years of experience and excellent know-how make our company able to provide high quality services of lifting, special transport and undertaking projects. Strictly adhering to safety standards, we undertake to carry out your every project, technically supporting your every need.

Lifting Operations

Lifts, erections, placements, loadings and unloadings, installations

Boat services, vessel bulk & solid material handling, rental of radio remote control grabs, supply of crane operators

Access for work at height

Machinery Rentals, leases

Special Transports

Heavy haulage, abnormal loads & special cargo

Roadside Assistance for heavy goods vehicles and not only

Permits & Escorts

Project Management

Turnkey Solutions Undertaking projects entirely, from the 1st stage to the last, transfer of equipment from one plant to another

Mechanical Works Installations, Dis-Assemblies

Special Cargo Logistics & Storage Solutions Indoor Warehousing & Outdoor Storage

Provision of Equipment containers, offices, generators

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