Our History

25/05/1950 the highlander Vasileios T. Chrysanthopoulos originated from Anthofito Aitoloakarnanias, starts from scratch with anvil and fire at Agios Vasileios – Patra Achaias. A blacksmith little shop fitted only with his mind, will and hands.

1979 milestone for Vasileios T. Chrysanthopoulos, he buys his 1 st crane and creates the business “Lifting Operations & Special Transports” under his name.

The company enters dynamically the business sector of the local economy and strengthens. The company is run by the founder’s sons now and is preparing to pass on the torch to the new (3rd) generation with the responsible cooperation of the staff, who are motivated, fully qualified and certified in their field. The visionary Chrysanthopoulos company has always invested in innovation, ultramodern and latest technology machinery, looking ahead, so as to respond to the demands of the market. Despite the adverse conditions, they still believe in Greek entrepreneurship and actively support it, continuing to invest and boost the local  economy. Company’s potential allows it to operate throughout Greece and abroad, and in this way it will continue to grow, following the dynamic and optimistic spirit of its founder.

Lifting Operations
Special Transports
Vessel Bulk&Solid Material Handling
Roadside Assistance
Issuing Special Transit Permits
Escorting Special Transports
Special Cargo Logistics & Storage Solutions
Mechanical Works
Machinery Trading
Machinery Rentals
Equipment Supply (Containers, Offices, Generators)

Mission & Code of Ethics

Our People & Safety
Our company provides a safe environment to our employees, constantly taking care of their training. In addition, we reward every effort with career opportunities and more responsibilities.

We have installed, implemented and continuously improve a unified management system to ensure and monitor the quality of our services, according to the following international standards: Quality Management (ISO 9001 2015), Occupational Health & Safety Management (ISO 45001 2018), Road Traffic Safety Management (ISO 39001 2012) & Environmental Management (ISO 14001 2015).

The environment is our primary concern, this why we invest in reducing waste and pollutant emissions by moving towards energy efficiency. We proceed to an act of responsibility and respect, an act of ethics towards the environment and fellow human beings.

Corporate social responsibility is at the core of our policy. Working within a community, we engage and support the local initiative by contributing significantly to projects and actions.


Management System Policy (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality)
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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