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  • EKME – New naphtha unit Motor Oil

    EKME – New naphtha unit Motor Oil

  • GREECE 1821-2021

    Greek Independence Day 1821-2021

  • Highest aerial work platform in Greece

    Chrysanthopoulos Cranes Company, a Greek company specialized in lifting and special transport, has taken a delivery of a 90-meter aerial work platform, Bronto S90HLA. There are about 50 Bronto aerial platforms around Greece, many of them used by the fire services. Chrysanthopoulos Cranes Company has two previous Brontos, a 62-meter S62MDT and a 70-meter S70MDT.…

  • See pictures from the train derailment attempt that was derailed on the line

    It was partially derailed this morning, Thursday, August 20th near the station of Xylokastro train of the Suburban which was operating a route to Aigio. There were no injuries from the incident. Due to him, the routes to and from Aigio were temporarily suspended, according to an announcement by TRAINOSE. The low speed of the…

  • The cruise ship OCEANA caught a port in Patras and was baptized in QUEEN OF THE OCEANS

    Extensive work of color badges and name The cruise ship “Oceana”, owned by P&O Cruises, a subsidiary of Carnival, the largest cruise group in the world, set sail last Friday in the port of Patras. They report that even the change of ownership status is on the table. According to information, the shipping group of…

  • Pyrgos: The dismantling of the OAED footbridge is mandatory – Overnight operation

    The large wooden pedestrian bridge of E.O. Patras – Pyrgos at the height of OAED in Pyrgos. After an overnight operation with dozens of staff, machinery and cranes, the dawn was completed successfully. Initially, the highway was closed and the traffic was made by the auxiliary roads, while after about two hours, the highway was…

  • Yacht hauling for maintenance DCIM101MEDIADJI_0004.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0018.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0021.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0024.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0028.JPG
  • Lifting the boat that sank in Nikiana

    The boat that sank, due to bad weather, is currently being lifted a few days ago in Nikiana by the boat owner’s insurance company. The boat, as can be seen from the photos, was cut almost in half. There is no pollution in the sea area while the hoisting was done under the supervision of…

  • Frame-by-frame operation to remove the truck from the Bridge – Traffic stopped

    Traffic with one current in each direction 19:00 The Rio-Antirio Bridge remains closed at this time (19:00) as the works on the metal frame that was damaged by the accident earlier today are in full swing. This frame reaches from one side of the bridge to the other and so for safety reasons the officials…

  • The port of Pisaetos, Ithaca, is moving fast

    For years we have been hearing about the construction of the port of Ithaca in various places, with various plans and councils on councils, but to no avail. Today the construction of the port is proceeding quickly and efficiently by the construction company SICAP, in collaboration with the Ionian Islands Region. A few days ago,…

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